Your Secret Weapon 1.b3 (part-2)



Here’s the second part of our last lesson “Your Secret Weapon 1.b3”

Enjoy it 🙂


Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.



Your Secret Weapon (1.b3)



Today I’d like to share a secret weapon with you that will allow you to earn some trophies 🙂




Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.

How To Grow A Champion

Dear chess friend,

Today I’d like to provide some advice on chess training for kids. This will be especially important for both the chess coaches and for the parents of chess playing children.

If you don’t correspond to either of these groups – do not despair. Thankfully, the general principles of chess training are the same for everyone.

Below I’ll highlight typical mistakes, and the ways to overcome them. Continue reading

Children and adults in chess


Today I have received an e-mail from one of my pupils. He asked me “Why children usually have better progress in chess than adults?”

Different people asked me about it many times already. A lot of adult chess players tries to understand why they can’t obtain a good progress in chess for years, while children achieve such goals very quickly.

It is important to understand it, because it will help you to be on the right way and to improve your chess skills quickly.

That’s why this issue deals with the topic: Children and adults in chess. Continue reading

Karpov’s Prophylaxis with IM Valeri Lilov

Today, for the first time, we’ll present you with a video from a guest trainer and we’ll ensure more cooperation with guest players in the future.

It’s important to say, we don’t use our guest trainers haphazardly and we publish only high quality lessons from strong trainers.

The first video, made by the famous coach IM Valeri Lilov, is about Karpov’s PROPHYLAXIS.

In this video, you’ll see why PROPHYLAXIS is very important and always present in chess.



Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.


The Value Of Chess (Part-2)

Before reading this lesson you may like to review or read the first part. Here it is: LINK

In the first part of this lesson we were talking about a positive influence of chess on you:

Chess trains your mental skills.
Chess gives you deep understanding of strategical principles.

If that sounds logical, then why is it that MOST chess players can’t seem to apply their trained mental skills in reality? Read on!

Tyler Durden: Do you know what a duvet is?
Narrator: It’s a comforter…

Tyler Durden: It’s a blanket. Just a blanket. Now why do guys like you and me know what a duvet is? Is this essential to our survival, in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word? No. What are we then?
Narrator: …Consumers?

Tyler Durden: Right. We are consumers.

Chuck Palahniuk “Fight Club” Continue reading

The Value of Chess

First off, a word of warning: this lesson is NOT for everybody! Instead of giving you answers, I’ll keep asking you questions. This isn’t some passive reading stuff. You’ll need to keep THINKING all the time…Sounds frightening? :)
Are you still here? :) Yes? Perfect. Let’s move forward.

Socrates asked a stranger:
– If you need flour and oil, then where will you go?

Young man smiled and answered slickly:
– On a market, certainly!

– If you need wisdom, then where will you go? – asked Socrates then.
The young man was somewhat dumbfounded and didn’t know how to reply.

Then follow me, – said Socrates – I’ll show you! Continue reading