Opening Traps & A New Course in Spanish

NOW it’s the last chance to sign yourself up for the upcoming webinar “Chess Opening Disasters and Traps” (Sunday, 21 September).

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate opening troubles in your games.
  • IM Alex Kundin will reveal some of the most effective opening traps your opponents will likely fall for!
  •  You can read all the details, and sign up for the webinar here: LINK


Let’s have a little test of your skills right now.

After the moves 1.e4-e5 2.Nf3-Nc6 3.Bc4, Black – seeking simplification – can blunder away a pawn with 3…Nd4. What would be your initial impulse with White?

Pos1How wou

ld you play here as White?

Although this trap is pretty simple, you can’t imagine how often White players fall right into it!

According to my database, 4.Ne5 is the 2nd most popular choice! :) 198 Players played 4.Nd4, while 155 overly optimistic guys captured the pawn with 4.Ne5.

After 4.Ne5-Qg5 White realizes what’s wrong, but now it’s too late…

Pos2Surprisingly, White is lost!

I will not analyze the position thoroughly – it’s pretty simple and you can work out the details yourself. The most natural game continuation is 5.Nf7-Qg2 6.Rf1-Qe4 7.Be2-Nf3#

Pos3White was mated in 7 moves!  :)

Being a chess coach, I must teach students to play properly and avoid tricky lines. However, I do agree that some opening traps work very well, especially in blitz games and/or against club players.

You can learn another nice example of an opening catastrophe from a free video lesson, “Chess Opening Disasters”, prepared by our guest coach IM Alex Kundin: LINK

If you wish to get some nice victories right at the starting phase of a game, you may join our Sunday’s webinar: LINK


There’s good news for Spanish-speaking students. The course, “An Endgame Expert”, is now available in Spanish language:cover-endgame spn<< Get the Course in SPANISH Now >>

I’m not sure why, but very often I receive messages from Spanish-speaking students, who ask me to provide the courses into their mother tongue. Hence, I’m glad to present this new translation for you.

By the way, three other courses have been translated to SPANISH already:

  • The Grandmaster’s Secrets“: LINK
  • The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory“: LINK 
  • How to Beat Titled Players“: LINK 
Each additional language pack for a course that you already own is only $7. For example, if you own an English version of the course, “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”, you can get its Spanish version for just $7. Get your Language Pack here: LINK

If you don’t even have an English version of the course, “An Endgame Expert“, this might be a good time to study it!

cover-endgame<< Get the Course in ENGLISH Now >>

With this one course, you’ll learn everything you need to become an expert in endgames. 

I do receive messages from students all the time. In the past I used to publish them regularly, but then I stopped because there were simply too many of them.

Still, it might be interesting for you to know about the experiences of other students. Hence, I’ll provide a few right here.

I bought my first course back in November, and I was immediately hooked. I own dozens of chess books, read dozens more, and I learned more in that one course than all of them combined…

 This week I beat an opponent 250 rating points higher than me, and in doing so I achieved my highest online rating ever. Before my rating was padded from playing lots of weaker competition; now I’m doing it against players I never thought I’d consistently beat!

 Johnathan Petit


I have purchased and trained every course and I am now enjoying the benefit of no-nonse chess knowledge. So far I have only lost a single serious game last year and none this year, so my rating will raise as I continue to win. The courses by Igor Smirnov is by far my best investment.



Hello sir,

I am a chess player from India rated 2250.

I have studied your Dvd’s and improved a lot in all stages of the game. Last time after studying Endgame Expert, I improved a lot and won some games too in serious tournaments.

Praneeth Surya, India



  • WebinarChess Opening Disasters and Traps”: LINK
  • Free video lessonChess Opening Disasters”: LINK
  • “An Endgame Expert” in English: LINK
  • “An Endgame Expert” in Spanish: LINK 
There’s simply NO way for you NOT to become a strong chess player… :)
Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.

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