Smirnov’s Interview

Before the interview, let me remind you this is the last chance if you want to join IM Attila Turzo’s WEBINAR (31st August at 4 p.m BST London Time).

If you haven’t read the blog post about this webinar, you must read it here : LINK


A few days ago, I was interviewed by the team from « October Obsession>>, where I spoke about chess coaching, psychology, my own experiences as a chess player and about chess in general.

 This interview was really funny; that’s why I’ve decided to upload it for you today! I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will be useful for you to hear about my experiences.

 For your convenience, I’ve divided it into two parts.

Part one of the Interview

And if you enjoy Part one, you can continue now with Part two :)

PS: Don’t hesitate to provide your Feedback through your comments!

Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.


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