Who becomes a Champion?

Dear student,

Regularly, I receive emails and questions and they, more or less, sound like this:
“I study chess almost daily / regularly. But why is it that my chess results are not that great and I don’t make much progress? Is this due to lack of chess talent or something like it?”

A LOT of people talk about talent all the time. But here’s the FUNNY thing, they usually can’t even define what chess talent is!

Let’s analyze, in general, how somebody can succeed in whatever endeavor? Why is it that some people win competitions in their chosen career (in sport, in any profession, etc)?

–> The number ONE key factor is your enthusiasm… that genuine desire to achieve that certain goal.

Honestly, how many people will do EVERYTHING that they can to be REALLLY good at what they do? How many people strain every nerve and use 100% of their potential to succeed in their chosen career or sport?

NOT a lot. That’s for sure. Perhaps only 20% of people do so, and that’s a very optimistic estimate if you’d ask me.

How many chess players REALLY want to become a World Champion (even amongst 2600+ players who have a shot at it)?  Again, not A LOT. Most chess players just want to be a “good enough for the job” kind of guy, and lead a comfortable life without too much stress.

With that in mind, your GENUINE ENTHUSIASM already singles you out from most competitors, and allows you to leave 80% of them behind!

Ok, let’s dig deeper and take a look at the 20 percent. We have 20% of the total number of  these guys who are highly motivated and hard working. Who will become the best of them all? Who will come out on top?

–> This takes us to the 2nd most important factor: their training methods and their efficiency. Obviously those who train more efficiently will move forward and experience better results FASTER!

As for chess, the chess world really suffers from the lack of REAL chess school. Most chess fans and players train randomly, and a lot of them even doubt their training methods.

Maybe you are thinking: “Come on, at least all GMs know right methods!”

Surprise! Surprise! A LOT of my GM (and GM-caliber) friends asked me how to train better. Even the best guys are not really sure about what’s best and what’s crap when it comes to methods.

Keeping that in mind, only a little part of players had the most effective training programs… and some of them even did that ACCIDENTALLY. That’s ‘round about 5% of HIGHLY motivated and hard-working people.

Now we have 5% of the 20% of highly-motivated, hard-working players. These guys combined the best training techniques with genuine desire to play at their BEST.

–> So now we can ask: Who will become Champion? Here (and only here!) will it all come down to talent and NATURAL chess skill.

For example, Beliavsky said that his chess progress was NEVER a smooth ride, and every inch of progress required a massive amount of hard work from him. He lost a candidate match to Kasparov (who probably was more talented). BUT, heck, Beliavsky played a candidate match for World Champion title! That’s not too bad, right?

BUT he did NOT say to himself: “I don’t have natural chess talent, I can’t achieve something real or concrete in chess.”
On the contrary, he trained in chess for 8 hours a day and played for a win in EVERY game!

In light of this, I would like to point out that everything is in your hands! Your enthusiasm depends on you. As for effective training methods, I showed you a lot of the best methods in my chess improvement courses.

Just follow them CONSTANTLY. And don’t forget to REVIEW my COURSES sometimes. That’s very important! Only then you will really digest 100% of information and will automate appropriate skills.



Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.


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