How to beat Garry Kasparov?

It’s my pleasure to announce that your next live training session will be conducted by GM Maxim Dlugy. He’s a VERY well-known person in the chess world:


plusorange He won the World Junior Chess Championship

plusorange Was formerly ranked #1 in the world by the World Blitz Chess Association

plusorange Got silver and bronze medals in a couple of US championships (and he was a president of US chess federation)

plusorange and the list goes on and on…

This Sunday, October 5, at 4pm BST you can attend GM Dlugy’s webinar “Playing for a WIN”. You can get all the details and sign up here:

Webinar-1024x7031<< Sign up for GM Dlugy’s webinar >>

GM Dlugy is a powerful blitz player who has a fascinating attacking style. Now YOU have a unique chance to adopt his attacking methods and incorporate them into YOUR games.

In the meanwhile you can learn a lot of useful ideas from the below game of GM Dlugy against legendary Garry Kasparov in the World Blitz Championship.

Maxim Dlugy – Garry KasparovDlugy-KasparovWhite to move

How would you play here as White against Garry Kasparov?

If your initial thought is “I would resign immediately”, please, collect yourself and come up with a move. :)

After that you can observe this highly instructive game with my commentaries here: LINK

P.S. Based on the past experience I have to make this remark. When I’ve conducted my webinar last Saturday, I’ve stated clearly that, the ONLY way to get a recording of the webinar is to register for the webinar. Then, no matter if you attend the live webinar or not – you will receive its recording.

Nevertheless, I keep receiving messages from students saying:“Oh I’ve missed the webinar, how can I receive its recording?” There’s NO way.

If you missed past webinars, try at least not to miss the upcoming one :)


Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.


Opening Traps & A New Course in Spanish

NOW it’s the last chance to sign yourself up for the upcoming webinar “Chess Opening Disasters and Traps” (Sunday, 21 September).

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate opening troubles in your games.
  • IM Alex Kundin will reveal some of the most effective opening traps your opponents will likely fall for!
  •  You can read all the details, and sign up for the webinar here: LINK


Let’s have a little test of your skills right now.

After the moves 1.e4-e5 2.Nf3-Nc6 3.Bc4, Black – seeking simplification – can blunder away a pawn with 3…Nd4. What would be your initial impulse with White?

Pos1How wou

ld you play here as White?

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Smirnov’s Interview

Before the interview, let me remind you this is the last chance if you want to join IM Attila Turzo’s WEBINAR (31st August at 4 p.m BST London Time).

If you haven’t read the blog post about this webinar, you must read it here : LINK


A few days ago, I was interviewed by the team from « October Obsession>>, where I spoke about chess coaching, psychology, my own experiences as a chess player and about chess in general.

 This interview was really funny; that’s why I’ve decided to upload it for you today! I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will be useful for you to hear about my experiences.

 For your convenience, I’ve divided it into two parts.

Part one of the Interview

And if you enjoy Part one, you can continue now with Part two :)

PS: Don’t hesitate to provide your Feedback through your comments!

Note: We are the Remote Chess Academy Official Affiliate Partner. This article is from GM Igor Smirnov.

Webinar : Intro Part 2

As you’ve seen in our previous article (you can read it HERE), IM Attila Turzo will conduct a live webinar on Sunday 31 August at 4p.m BST (London Time).

If you’re register yet you can join his webinar by clicking on the button below :

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IM Attila Turzo’s Profile :

He was one of the first coaches to start to teach online 13 years ago, he was Hungarian Junior champion and became International Master at age 18 and also 6 times Hungarian team champion.

For the occasion he prepared a new FREE video for you :

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Webinar : “The Minority Attack”

Today I have some good news for you. International Master Attila Turzo will conduct a live Webinar “The Minority Attack” on Sunday, 31 August 2014. at 4PM BST (London time – you can check it here: LINK).

You can register by clicking on the link below:

<<Register Now !!!>>

International Master Attila Turzo the very first ever to start giving online chess lessons in the history of online chess lessons, he has over 13 years of experience of online chess coaching.

Discover what he will be covering in the webinar by watching the below video!


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GM Smirnov’s simul

Recently there was “a sportsman’s day” in Russia. I was invited to give a simul in the central park of the city.


The most talented young players were given a chance to test their skills against a Grandmaster. I played a few interesting games that I’d like to share with you today.

NOTE: I’m playing White in all of these games.

Game #1


White’s turn

White has a dominating position and has several promising continuations. What is the most powerful way to end the game? Continue reading